Innovation is the offspring of necessity.
What do you need, what does your community need, what does the world need?

About The Conceptuator

This workshop is designed to empower and equip participants with the tools to generate, incubate, and pitch (make use case/business cases), concepts prior to rapid prototyping at hackathons. Participants will be introduced to problem identification, designed thinking, and resources scanning.


Materials: Large post-it poster boards and markers.


Materials: Large post-it poster boards and markers

Oh No! The live Viewership for The Bills is declining, but, they are collectively seeing a slight increase in mobile viewership...

Your job as a consultant is to:
  1. Clearly State the Problem in the present tense
  2. Why must it be addressed?
  3. State three things that might be a factor in the decline
  4. Using technology, how would you suggest the teams solve this problem
  5. There is no wrong answer

Now lets build a digital report a digital assset that we will share with the owners of the teams

  • Think about a social problem that technology can solve, choose one (5 mins)
  • Clearly State the Problem in the present tense | why must it be addressed (2 1/2 mins)
  • Profile of the user who will likely benefit if the problem is solved (2 1/2 mins)
  • Discuss multiple solutions, choose the best one (10 mins)
  • Resource scanning: What free resources can be leveraged to develop solution (2 mins)
  • Combine steps 2-5 (5 mins)
  • Pitch (10 mins)
  • Instructions for group facilitators

    Facilitators keep students on track with time and with designed thinking, give feedback to students to help perfect their pitch, then report back to the whole.

    If you think you are ready to participate in a Hack a Thon, here is one that starts on Friday. Sign up here

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